Roles and Opportunities

Saturday, (TBA) Athlete Registration / Packet Pick-Up (15 volunteers)
where athletes pickup race packets and complete all necessary paperwork to participate in the Fast Triathlon event.

Volunteers will be…
• Assisting our event staff with assembling race packets
• Checking in all registered athletes

Sunday, (TBA) Volunteer Check-In / Information Booth (4 volunteers)
Beginning at 5am
…this tent will be for Volunteer Check In and will then transition to Lost & Found

Volunteer Check-In
• Check in all volunteers / will then meet with event staff for further instructions

Information Booth / Lost & Found
• Disseminate information to spectators, locals and tourists… course maps, places to eat and things to do while in Atlantic City
• Items that are lost & found will be stored at this location

Transition Area Team (10 volunteers)
• Assist in various duties during the race including mount/dismount lines, securing the area, directing athletes, help with gear bags, etc.

Body Marking Check (12 volunteers)
• Athletes will receive a tattoo with their numbers in their race packet. Volunteers will help them affix their tattoo on his or her upper arms if needed.

Bike Check-in (8 volunteers)
• All Athletes competing in Fast Triathlon must bring their bike to the bike lot the day prior to or the day of the event depending on the total number of athletes participating.
• Bikes will be placed in racks in numerical sequence by the athlete’s race number.

Swim Start / Finish (12 volunteers)
• Assist with organizing participants at the swim start with wave signs, etc.

Kayak / Canoe (Support – 20 volunteers)
Fast Triathlon does not supply Kayaks…
• If you are interested in volunteering in this area, you will need to provide your own canoe/kayak.
• You must be confident in your ability to keep your Kayak upright in case an athlete needs to hold on to your watercraft.
• Volunteers assigned to this area, are stationed around the water course for safety purposes and serve as directional guides for athletes. There will be a brief skills assessment and water safety meeting prior this event.

Bike Aid Station (6 volunteers)
Aid Stations are an integral part of the race, and the spirit within the Aid Station reflects on the whole event!
• Volunteers will hand out water to athletes as they pass through the aid station.
• This is a very fast paced area! We will have water available at the beginning of the run portion, because the bike portion is very short and fast.

Bike Course Pointers (4 volunteers)
• Volunteers are located at key points on the bike course to ensure athletes stay on course.

Lead Bike Escort (4 volunteers)
• To be a Lead Bike Escort, you will need to have a motor bike and must be confident in your ability to drive between bicycles if necessary.

Run Aid Station (6 volunteers)
• Volunteers will hand out water to athletes as they pass through the aid station.

Run Course Pointers (4 volunteers)
• Volunteers are located at strategic points on the run course to ensure athletes follow turns, etc.

Finish Line (4 volunteers)
• Volunteers will hand out water and medals to participants as they cross the finish line.
Fast Triathlon’s format is…all participants will cross the finish line 3 times but the medals will only be given out on the third and final time.

Athlete’s Lounge /Food & Beverage / Awards Ceremony (10 volunteers)
• Help organize our athlete food & beverage lounge
• Assist athletes moving through the line… keeping the area clean at all times.
• Volunteers will help with the Ceremony Awards as well.

VIP / Shadow Area (5 volunteers)
This is the Best Seat in the House for all our VIP’s…
• Help with food set-up and clearing in viewing areas

Fast Triathlon’s main objective is to ensure athlete and spectator safety and without the help of our volunteers, this would not be possible!

To show our appreciation, all volunteers will receive T-shirt and a snack.