Fast Triathlon is pleased to announce the launch of the “Fast Triathlon Virtual Series” starting September 28th thru October 25th… a (4) event combination; with 3 different distances over a 4-week period.

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To be the "Fastest Triathlete", you must be resilient, resistant and have a strategy when competing in three rounds of swimming, cycling, and running. 

The tactic used by the athlete during the rest period between each round, is a determining factor in the race. The winner is the one who has the shortest time in total for three rounds, generating much anticipation of the final decision.

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Athlete’s Guide

Welcome to the Inaugural Event of “Fast Triathlon” in the US!
Fast Triathlon is a new format made up of three segments to each event as follows:

Upon arrival, athletes proceed to the transition area which will be marked accordingly

You will then be directed to the starting line (athletes need to be there 10 minutes prior to start)

All Athletes will begin at 8am with 200 meters swimming; 2.5 miles biking and 0.6 miles running

Upon completion of first segment – athletes will move into the athletes lounge to enjoy water and fruits during the resting period

At approximately 9am, the second segment begins repeating the swim; biking; running portions and resting in the lounge

At approximately 10am, you will begin your third and final segment repeating the above format.

Upon conclusion when you cross the finish line, you will be awarded special medals from Fast Triathlon

Thank you for participating in this year’s Inaugural Event…we hope you will enjoy the new “Fast Triathlon” Format!

Race Rules


The current rules are based on the parameters according to the standards set forth by the USA Triathlon Competitive Rules.

Date & Place
To be notified when we have a confirmed date in Atlantic City.

Race Description
The race course will vary depending on the age group described below.

For kids the race will consist on (1) round of swimming, cycling and running.

For Elite, Adult, Youth & relays the race will consist on a total of three (3) rounds of swimming, cycling and running, and the starts will happen in waves. The first (1st) start will be at 8 AM/ET, the second (2nd) at 9 AM/ET and the third (3rd) at 10 AM/ET. The second (2nd) and the third (3rd) starting time may be affected by the number of participants upon appropriate notice.

Each participant must check in no later than ten (10) minutes before each start.

There will be four (4) types of race available:

1. Elite 2. Adult & Youth 3. Kids 4. Relay

Drafting is permitted in this event in accordance with the International Triathlon Union (ITU) Competition Rules, Section 5.5. The complete list of rules is available at

Elite & Age groups
Elite: total of three (3) rounds of swimming, cycling and running

Adult & Youth: total of three (3) rounds of swimming, cycling and running 14/16, 17/19, 20/24, 25/29, 30/34, 35/39, 40/44, 45/49, 50/54, 55/59, 60/64, 65/69, 70/74, 75/79, 80/84, 85+

Kids (individual): one (1) round of swimming, cycling and running 7/8, 9/10, 11/13

The arena will have a place for swimming, cycling and running.

The distances will be the following:

Elite, Adult, Youth & Relay

• Swimming: 218 yards (200 meters);
• Cycling: 2.48 miles (4 kilometers);
• Running: 0.62 miles (1 kilometer).

Kids 11/13 (it will start after the 3rd round of adult & youth)

• Swimming: 218 yards (200 meters);
• Cycling: 2.48 miles (4 kilometers);
• Running: 0.62 miles (1 kilometer).

Kids 9/10 (it will start after 11/13 kids)

• Swimming: 164 yards (150 meters);
• Cycling: 1.86 miles (3 kilometers);
• Running: 0.46 miles (750 meters).

Kids 7/8 (it will start after 9/10 kids)• swimming: 109 yards (100 meters);

• Cycling: 1.24 miles (2 kilometers);
• Running: 0.31 miles (500 meters).

Each participant must check in no later than ten (10) minutes before each start.

The relay teams are subdivided into the following groups:

• Female • Male • Co-Ed (mixed gender teams)

Each member of a relay team must be registered. The first team member to enroll will create the team name, become the team captain and pay for the team’s entry fee. Please ensure that every member of the team knows the exact team name (which they will be prompted to select) when registering themselves.

The participants have the option to enter varying distances as a relay team, consisting of 2–3 individuals. The teams may elect which person will complete each specific discipline. All team members share a single timing chip, which is passed from one team member to another in transition. Although not all relay teams are competitive by nature, all teams are eligible for competitive awards.

The registration fee varies according to the age group or the type of race. The fees are:

Kids: $79
Adult & Youth: $149
Elite (female & male): $179
Relay: $249

There will be a $10 (ten dollars) parking fee that can be paid at the time of registration. If opting for prepaying the parking fee, the registrant must print the receipt and present it at the parking entrance on the day of the event.

The registration kit will be provided to each registered participant on the day before the event from 11 AM/ET to 5 PM/ET at a location and date to be determined.

The kit consists of one (1) shirt, one (1) race number, one (1) body sticker number, one (1) helmet sticker number, one (1) bike sticker number one (1) swimming cap, one (1) squeeze bottle and one (1) bag.

The awards for this event will be the following:

Prize money
For the three (3) best classified in the Elite Race (female & male) that complete all three (3) waves: $2,000 / $1,000 / $500.

For the ten (10) best classified in each category by age group; for the three (3) best classified in the Elite Race (female & male); and for the three (3) best classified in each relay category, that complete all three (3) waves;

For all Elite, adult, youth and relay participants that complete all three (3) waves, and for all kids that complete one (1) wave;
The distribution of prize money does comply with the USAT standards.

No restrictive rules or conditions which have the effect of impeding performance will be placed upon any one category of members or group of participants.

This event will be officiated with USAT rules. For a full list of rules, please visit:

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Competiton Map

1. Swim Area - 200 meters
2. Bike - 2.5 miles
3. Run - 0.6 miles
4. Surf Stadium
5. N Albany Ave

Location: Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ